A001 – Project in Başakşehir

  • Start From ₺450,000
Başakşehir/Istanbul, Turkey

وصف العقار

Ayazma region that is located in West of Istanbul within Başakşehir district is  one of the growth center of the city. TEM motorway from the Northern part, E-5 expressway that is one of the main transportation of the backbone of the city from the Southern part are passing through.  At the West frontier, at North-South center line, there are Basın Ekspres road as well. It will be accomplished within the area that is between Atatürk Olympic Village at West and İkitelli Organized Industrial Site at East.  The valley that is spreading to the Küçükçekmece Lake through North-South center-line, is a topographical threshold for project field as well as interaction site of the project.

The residence do not put the countenance of the urbans into a form only by coming side by side; at the same time, it  defines the life for urbanite.  Housing decisions, massic ratio of the buildings, correlation with ground, street and eachothers, the balance of building-open area, internal organisation, to what extent they are supported with social reinforcement elements, the correlations with city center are important.
Ayazma project, as being a residence site, promises to the users the neighbourhood relations that we all aspire. In this construct that based on human contact, by starting from the shared area of the residences including all site, controlled but real social communication is aimed. The terraces on high-rise blocks that will be existing together enable to go on the green on top elevations as well.  Open and closed playfields, cafes, playgrounds and activity areas will be the spaces for the users that may take breath during the intensive tempo of city life and meeting points in order to come together. Above all, this construction will define an ownership for the users of this site.
The construction  mass that are splintered by squares, streets, courtyards and parks, green grounds that are constituted at varied elevations, the correlation with structural characteristics and its environment  differentiate it from the peers. This project responds against city along with closely associated with the places beginning from the ground instead of deaf walls.
Landscape ground in the site is running in block gaps and courtyards as well as mezzanine floors and penthouses of the buildings.  Thus, on the one hand while the shared areas are moved into the building, on the other hand, the natural climatization effects of water and trees are benefited also.  While the high residential blocks that are situated at the fringes of the land that is close to the rapids of the city are become form with the programme and shell that will respond against to this rapids; at the behind side of the road, by  adapting to the natural topography of the land,  low-rise and towards to the valley, by through traditional architecture and  gradual green courtyards , the residential blocks that are located in neighborhood flavor create a quiet and pleased living space. By gradual streets and courtyards, along with wide sidewalks, bicycle roads and interisland continuous pedestrian links, accessing to all directions of users are built as multi-level. By internal access roads that are adjusted with topography, accessing to all building blocks is made possible.  There are parking entrances that are associated with the road from all quarters of the city block.  The parking places are designed as open and closed. The movement of pedestrians is made free in the site by considering the controlled vehicle transportation.
Social activity areas that are built partly below ground by taking advantage of the training are aiming to meet the social, sportive needs of the site, common activity area and meeting point. Through indor pool, fitness, playfields, playgrounds, the life-enhancing spaces have been built.


– 1+1 Start from 450.000 TL
– 2+1 Start from 750.000 TL

Down Payment & Installment

– 35% down payment
– installment for 10 or 20 years


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  • معرف الملكية: A001
  • السعر: Start From ₺450,000
  • حجم العقار: 1 10 Years installment
  • مساحة الأرض: 1500
  • بنيت عام: 2018-06-01
  • نوع العقار: Apartments
  • Property Status: Completed, Hot Offer

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  • العنوان بالتفصيل Istanbul / Basaksehir
  • مدينة Istanbul
  • ولاية / مقاطعة Istanbul
  • منطقة Başakşehir


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